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Cerknica lake and Križna cave

(19/9/2018 - 8:00-17:00)
Cerknica Lake, the largest disappearing lake in Slovenia, enraptures visitors with numerous interesting natural phenomena and diverse flora and fauna. The lake fills in the spring and during rainy periods, offering possibilities for numerous water sports and fishing. Cerknica Lake has no surface outflow; all the water seeps underground and surfaces as the Rak River in the Rakov Škocjan Valley. Cerknica Lake is a part of the karst river system of the Ljubljanica River – a river that bears seven different names altogether.

After visiting Museum of Lake Cerknica you will take a ride to the Lake by typical carriage – “lojtrnik”.

Križna Cave is one of the most interesting caves in the world. It lies in the east of the park and it has 22 underground lakes through which the waters from the Bloke Plateau flow. This cave is famous for its unique cave fauna and as an archaeological site where cave bear remains have been found. Its features are underground lakes with sinter’s barriers and an extremely interesting site with bines of bears, along with the naturally preserved environment for animals. The length of all passages is over 8 km (6 miles). Air temperature inside the cave is constant through the whole year +8⁰C. The cave ranks as the fourth in the world by the number of genuine cave animal species (44 different species). 

Additional Information

Meeting Point
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Approx. itinerary: 

8:00 Departure

10:30 Arrival to Cerknica lake museum

11:30 Carriage ride Lojtrnik

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Departure for Križna cave

13:30-14:30 Križna cave

15:30 Departure

17:00 Arrival to Ljubljana


  • Museum of Lake Cerknica
  • Lojtrnik drive
  • Križna cave


  1. Ljubljana
  2. Cerknica